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Entering the U.S.

You will find most of the information on this topic on the main Embassy website or, and it applies to all U.S. consulates across Canada. Only information pertaining specifically to the U.S. Consulate General in Montreal is featured on our pages.

The U.S. Embassy Ottawa website also contains information on studying in the United States.

Important Information for U.S. Residents

Due to increasingly heavy demand by Canada-based visa applicants, U.S. visa processing posts in Canada are unfortunately extremely limited in the ability to accept visa applications from U.S. residents during the peak demand period of June through August. Appointments for visa renewals for U.S. residents who are currently studying or working in the U.S. will be more readily available during non-peak periods in October and November, and January through May.

For information on options for extending or renewing authorization to continue studies or employment while in the U.S., contact U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. Many travelers to Canada and Mexico are eligible for automatic revalidation at a Port of Entry without a new visa.

U.S.-based applicants who need a visa are encouraged to schedule an appointment in their home country. Information on worldwide appointment availability is found on the State Department's website,

Consular Fee Changes

  • Effective September 12, 2014, the Department of State will adjust processing fees for some services. The fees for most categories of immigrant visas will change, while fees for nonimmigrant visas largely remain the same. The fee for processing an application for Renunciation of U.S. Citizenship is increasing to reflect the true cost of providing this service.

    For a complete list of fee changes, please visit

Travel & Tourism in the U.S.

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Diversity Visa Scam Alert

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